About Me

Hi my name is Shannon I’m 30 something ready for an adventure of curiosity (think Curious George). I’m a solo backpacker (err more like a wheeled-flash-backpacker; I’ll tell you why, I’m very techie and rely on technology to help me out on my adventures and to give me my communication needs and of course my backpacks is on wheels and then of course I am on wheels too!

Ever since my first visit on a DC-10 as a youngin’ I fell in love with airplanes. Growing up, I lived in the San Francisco bay area where we had access to a variety of transportation options, these allowed me to get a sense of adventure and use the skills to get around. Once I began going solo to various places I knew, I started to get the sense of adventure trhill!

My goal is to share with you my adventures and misadventures that make traveling an experience that may or may not be fun and that someone like me can do it just like anyone else given the patience and perseverance.

Want to know more? Just contact me! I won’t bite!